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My Hair Kit – Product Edition

Now lets talk about my favorite products to carry in my hair kit.  When I go to shoots I carry very few.  In my salon I choose to use Redken products and have a bigger selection but I still turn to only a few.

I want to quickly talk about where you should buy professional products.  Salon products are only guaranteed if they are purchased at a salon or an authorized retailer.  They should NOT be purchased at places like supermarkets, CVS, Target, or Walmart (except in their salons that is a teeny exception)  When products are sold in stores like this is what is called a diverted product.  These typically are either fake, watered down or expired products and should not be used and will not give you the best results.  Redken has a great page dedicated to their Anti-Diversion Campaign definetly click this link and read all about it!

now back to what i planned on talking about…

Lets start with hair spray, my favorite has to be the revamped Sebastian line.  I always have ReShaper, and Shaper Fierce and occassionally with carry the Zero Gravity





I also carry some type of mousse product, I like Redken Guts because you can use it as a root booster, use it all over the head, and it also is great to “dirty” up hair to make styles last longer when models show up with freshly washed hair



I also like to carry a shine spray, my go to shine spray used to be Sebastian Halo Mist but I have been branching out.  Redken just released an aerosol called Shine Flash that I love!  Both bottles are small enough that carrying both doesn’t really take up much space, I love to spray the Halo Mist on my hands before i run my hands through curls and i love the Shine Flash for how easy it is!

Redken Shine Flash

Sebastian Halo Mist

Sebastian Halo Mist


Last but not least I like to carry a wax to make hair piece-y and to tame fly aways.  I usually carry two, a spray wax by Redken called Wax Blast and a traditional wax, my favorite is Redken Structure Wax

Redken Wax Blast

Redken Wax Blast

Redken Structure Wax


As you can see I am pretty brand loyal, Sebastian and Redken keep me the happiest.  I always know their products will do what they say and will be easy to use.  Again this product list is for my basic hair kit when I do traditional hair, my fantasy hair kit is pretty different and full of secrets hehe.

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My Hair Kit – tools edition

I was recently asked on twitter what is in my hair kit which is a great question.

My go to hair kit is very small, which a lot of people think is crazy, but really I think it is totally the other way around, why carry something if you don’t need it.  I suppose I am like the Alton Brown of hair, I hate Uni-taskers.  Also living and working in NYC and traveling by either my scooter, or subway makes you pick and choose what you want to carry since you just can’t throw it in a trunk and go to your job.

Since this is going to be a semi long post I am going to split it into two posts, tools and products.

my list of tools

My favorite dryer (I own 3!)  is the Parlux 3200 dryer, I don’t think I will ever mess with a dryer that is not italian made.. I don’t know why, they just make the best dryers hands down,  coming in a close second (they are ultimatly the same dryer) is the Twin Turbo

yes it comes in other colors, but why bother?


Next I carry the only flat iron I will ever own, the Paul Mitchell Pro Tools 1.0, not only does it heat up super quick, and not pull hair, it has little silicone strips that give you perfect tension to your hair making it so that you only have to go over each section once.

it needs to be in pink!


I only carry two curling irons, I only own three!  I have never felt like I need a different size ever.  Want bigger curls? take bigger sections.  smaller? take smaller sections.  I like hot tools curling irons, but I use the marcel style not the spring and often times I wrap the hair around the iron instead of using it the traditional way.  Many models have asked me why I don’t just get one of the clip-less curling irons, the answer is because then it would be another thing to carry!  I carry a 1.5 inch and a 3/4 inch and thats it, if I know i want to make frizzy hair or an afro type hair style i will carry my 1/2 inch

how i roll


thats it.  seriously.  I don’t believe in hot rollers, you can just use pin curl clips and a curling iron and get better results!  See my youtube tutorial on how to do a pin curl set

The only round brush I will use is by Cricket it is the Technique line .  They never get caught in hair, they make perfect brush sets, they last forever and are super comfortable to use.  My favorite size is the 370.  At my salon I have the 390, 2- 370′s, 2- 350′s, and 2- 330′s.  In my kit for shoots I only carry a 390, 370 and 350 if that. The best part of this brush line is every October they come out with the brushes in pink for breast cancer awareness.. this is when I stock up!  I also carry a teasing brush which i typically use to to tease hair and to brush out curls as well.

heaven in a brush

Wonder which color I own?

I am a comb snob, once I got my hands on the Y/S Park brand of combs I never used another brand again.  The amount of engineering that went into this combs is nothing short of crazy,  the way the teeth are aligned, the way it feels when you hold it.. its just awesome.  and they come in pink!  When it comes to my tail combs I never waste my time with the ones with the plastic ends, not only do they break but what else is it good for.  A tail comb with a good metal end is also an amazing teeny curling iron!  just wrap the hair around and heat it with your flat iron!  I usually carry up to 4 cutting combs and 2 tail combs

last but not least is my clips and pins.  for sectioning I turn again to the Y/S park line, their clips are expensive but last forever and just work…



I think one of the most important things for a session stylist to carry is what I call an “up-do box”  Why on earth would you want to carry all your hair pins in the cardboard boxes they come in, its messy and just crazy.  I keep all mine in a organizer I got from home depot, and it fits perfectly at the bottom of my Zuca Backpack   This box has everything I need, pin curl clips to do pin curl sets, hair pins, bobby pins, and large bobby pins in black and brown, and rubber bands all in one perfectly organized container.

needs to be stocked but you get the idea

My bag of choice is of course the Zuca and since dragging something through the subways and up the stairs is annoying, I refuse to do it and carry a backpack.  This bag is perfect, its organized and even has a pocket for hot curling irons that can with-stand up to 350 degrees!

if it doesn't fit, its not coming with!


That is pretty much what I carry if I don’t know what I am doing at a shoot, if I am going to shoot a fantasy hair style my kit would be drasticly different, but also much smaller








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Hair Battle Spectacular Blog Episode 2

This is taken from my blog for Oxygen.com

ready for a new day and a new challenge

This week’s Check Up from the Neck Up had me nervous because we had no clue what we were working with until after we picked it. When we showed up in the salon and saw all the hat boxes I just remember thinking oh no, anything can be in those things. When we were picking our boxes I went for the cool silvery metallic box because it was the prettiest. After I opened that box I was like crap, I totally should have gone with the obvious choice of pink! I had only silver hair, black mesh, and packing peanuts!! What the heck was I going to do with packing peanuts?! We hardly had any time and I was just sitting there trying to figure out a cool way to make those three pieces work together, and I was honestly stumped! In the end I came up with a crazy ponytail that kind of reminded me of a girlie tin man, and I made a bow out of the mesh and stuffed it with the packing peanuts. Then I decided I would glue the packing peanuts scattered onto the hair piece, I tried hot glue…they melted…then I tried weave glue…they melted. But at that point I had marks on my piece that i had to cover from the two trials with glue. So I decided to use hair pins to pin them on, the problem was you could see the pins because we only had black hair pins…ugh. And of course Derek J called me out on it, why wouldn’t he lol. If only the packing peanuts weren’t bio-degradable, my first idea would have totally worked out.

me, GQ and Bossa Nova

lol. loves it. my hair piece hitting Derek J


When Blondie put me against Camouflage I wasn’t really sure of her angle, I honestly thought she would put me against J9 because she saw that we had such a good connection, but I was pretty confident, especially when I found out what the challenge was, all black and white, and I had to make coordinating lashes!! Camouflage even said he was worried because I live for false eyelashes!! I know it is hard to tell on TV but every day that we filmed I wore lashes that I built out of different sets to be exactly what I wanted and super long and thick. Then that was the challenge…easy! I knew exactly what I was going to do.

When I make a hair piece, I don’t usually go into it with a set idea, I kind of like to see where it goes and let it happen. Which is sort of the hard thing for me on this show, I like to start a piece but finish the piece on the model, but with the way our time is given I can’t do it that way. So when I was in the supply room I saw cone shaped Styrofoam and I was just thinking kind of like opposites since we were starting with black and white. So then I was planning on working with different textures and rounded edges and angles. I ended up cutting a slice off of the cones so that one side was flat to give it that angular look, and then on the rounded side I smoothed on black hair and on the flat side I cut up white hair to give it more of a rough appearance. Then the rest of the hair piece I made it super teased and textured and wanted to make a smooth long bang that covered one of the eyes. The reason I wanted to cover an eye was because I wanted more lashes but we were only allowed to take two! That is totally not enough for me lol so I used all of them for one eye and that solved my problem, then I added three curled triangle pieces of paper to the top and bottom lashes to kind of mirror the cones in the hair. Perfect!

When I was named a Hair Don’t I was really surprised, I still stand by my hair piece and really thought that the challenge was meant to be more avant garde and when I got my critique they told me it was too avant garde and not enough fantasy. And while yes the lashes were extreme, I totally didn’t spend more time on the lashes than I did on my piece like they said, those lashes literally took me 5 minutes! I still love my piece and I was happy with it, so to me that is what matters. I was excited that J9 won! I loved her piece and I love her, we instantly connected over music and a bunch of other stuff so I was excited to see a friend win.

I was bummed out when I was eliminated, but I was also slightly relieved. I think that it was slightly obvious on the show that I was a little out of my element, and I am a creature of habit. I loved doing the hair, and if the whole show was just about hair, I would have loved it, but those performances killed me. I am just not a crazy performer; I like to let my hairstyling do the work of telling the story and impressing people. I personally think that if you need to sell your piece with a backflip then the hair piece failed. No offense to the people who did backflips lol, I give you credit for being able to do it, but I just don’t think that it is necessary. But really I think that it just cheapens the work. I was sad to leave the friends I made, and sad to keep pushing myself to my hair limits, but I guess I don’t totally need a show to do that! Since I have been home I have been working like crazy and making new hair pieces to release as the show airs. Sure I might not know all the challenges that were given after I left but I made my own challenges and I have never been happier with my work. I learned a ton, met cool people and got inspired, so even though I didn’t do as well on the show as I originally planned I am still happy I did it and still happy that I got the opportunity and I can’t wait for the opportunities to follow. This will not be the last that you see from me by any means!

at this point I knew it was me


If you want to still follow my work and see what else I have done since I have been off the show, add my facebook page! You won’t be disappointed!! www.facebook.com/Dimples.KristinJackson

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Dimples intro blog

This is from my blog for Oxygen.com

I guess my love for social networking and putting myself out there shamelessly helped me get onto HairBattle Spectacular. I watched the first season, and of course my quest to be famous made me interested in trying out for the next season. But for some reason I didn’t actually persue it, nor did I even hear that they were casting for a second season. Then, while I was doing a client’s hair at my salon, someone from the show called and said they were interested in me and wanted me to audition. Of course I said yes and was super excited! That is how I usually am, if I am given a good opportunity I can’t say no to it. Why work so hard to turn down your next big break? But later I got a little nervous about putting myself out there. In the end it was ultimately my good friend, Worm Carnevale, who told me I had to do it, and that I was good enough…he’s good at pep talks, and he was totally right!

While I am on the show I hope to push my skills to the limit. I can’t wait to see what I can produce! I am excited to learn new things from all the other cast members, and of course just create awesome hair with hair that I didn’t pay for or beg for a bigger budget for…I can’t wait to have everything at my fingertips and have the only limits be my imagination. If I leave the show, I just hope to leave with some new skills, some inspiration, and maybe a couple of friends to boot? But who knows about that last part haha.

My out-there sense of style makes me stand out. But I think in this competition it will be my personality. I might not be the loudest one in the bunch, but I definitely try to be the nicest. Why create unnecessary enemies when you can make friends… but I can have my catty side…we’ll see who will bring it out of me. I also think it will be my eye for detail which will set me apart. I like to keep everything super clean and sleek. I know when to stop adding elements and how to make the most out of my work. You know the rule of thumb: before you leave, you should take one accessory off. Well I feel like there are some fantasy hair stylists that don’t listen to that, and put too many elements into a style and just do too much. I would much rather see one or two really awesome clean things than a bunch of ehhh things. Let’s see if my strategy works…hopefully it will!

This season, expect to see me push myself to be my best and try to pull myself out of my comfort zone with hair. Expect to see some pretty awesome shoes; hopefully you get to see the small sampling of amazing shoes that I brought for the season! Expect to see a fun girlie girl wear a ton of make-up, a ton of hair, and a bunch of eyelashes, while trying to make the best hairstyles that she can. I already feel my creativity flowing and ready to come out!

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Get a little piece of Fantasy Hair from Dimples!!

Because of the demand I decided that I would reopen my etsy shop, well not exactly reopen it, I threw away the old Princess De La Coiffure name and just started a new one called KristinJacksonHair.  short and sweet and to the point.


So what will I be selling on my page… of course the usual braided headbands and bows will be on there, maybe some duct tape flowers and hair glasses.. but so far i just added my newest (and strangest!) creation of bacon made out of human hair.


Its kind of crazy that I even made it considering I have been vegetarian since I was really young, and honestly I don’t even remember what bacon even tastes like.  I modeled these after my morning star bacon, but they totally look more realistic lol.


Hair Bacon!




You can go to my etsy store here…. Kristin Jackson Hair’s Etsy!!  I will be adding new stuff throughout the week!

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Hair Battle Spectacular


I am sure that by now everyone knows that I am a cast member on Oxygen Network’s second season of Hair Battle Spectacular.  It was kind of a surreal experience, and I was shocked (and super excited of course!) when I found out that I was chosen out of so many other people that were auditioning.  I really pushed myself and my creativity for this show and I learned a lot and met some other amazing hairstylists along the way.

I am super excited to see how everything comes out and to finally share everything that I have been so secretive about almost this entire year!  I am still trying to embrace the name “Dimples” but its growing on me, I’d still rather be called Kristin professionally… but I guess Dimples is kinda cute lol.




Check out the other cast members in this video!

<object width=”400″ height=”400″ align=”middle”><param name=”allowScriptAccess” value=”always” /><param name=”movie” value=”http://widget.oxygen.com/singleclip/singleclip_v1.swf?CXNID=1000004.12002NXC&WID=486ba487be882f6f&clipID=1344865″/><param name=”quality” value=”high” /><param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true” /><param name=”bgcolor” value=”#ffffff” /><embed src=”http://widget.oxygen.com/singleclip/singleclip_v1.swf?CXNID=1000004.12002NXC&WID=486ba487be882f6f&clipID=1344865″ quality=”high” bgcolor=”#ffffff” width=”400″ height=”400″ align=”middle” allowScriptAccess=”always” allowFullScreen=”true” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash”></embed></object>


and check out my page on Oxygen to read my bio, see photos, other videos, and even see pictures of me when I was a kid!  There will also be a blog up there once the show starts!




Also don’t forget to add me on facebook and twitter, I am going to posting super new work through out the show that you wont want to miss!  I can’t wait to share it!  Plus this way you guys can share your thoughts, and chat with me about just about anything!



And last but not least.. don’t forget to click on the videos tab on my site!  it brings you to my personal YouTube Channel, where I have excerpts from my audition video, videos I worked on, tutorials.. and well anything that I have done so make sure you subscribe because I am working on even more stuff that you won’t want to miss!